Shuuko Komi

Relatives: Yuiko Komi motherinlaw Masayoshi Komi husband Sadayoshi Komi brotherinlaw Shouko Komi daughter Shousuke Komi son Akira Komi niece Shuuko Komi formerly known as Shuuko Nimi is Shouko and Shousukes mother. She looks like her daughter but her personality is that of a teenager claiming to be forever 17 years old. When despaired she ages into forever 18 Corresponding to her son and daughter Shuuko is considered beautiful. In contrast shes very communicative and wonders how her family gets along despite not talking. When young she was bored of school and did not think much of Masayoshi until seeing him do various things on par with professionals. She slowly fell in love with him despite his deadpan and silent demeanor. Source: Komisan Wiki edited