Meow is first introduced on a boat heading to Little Monica with Will. They have a short conversation then go their separate ways. He goes to one of her "shows", but to his surprise, it's a strip show! Will gets pulled onto the stage by request of Meow and somehow gets dragged into having sex with her. Later in episode two, she visits the triplets and Will to tell them their mother is found but she is under danger from Kajo. After the explanation, the girls and Will set to find her and stop Kajo from harming their mother. While on the search, Meow was planning on leaving the city, so she couldn't help herself but want to have it with Will one last time. And they do. After their philandering, Meow is told by a cat that the girls and the mother are caught by Kajo. So Will and Meow both save the mother and defeat the villain. Without anything else, Meow leaves Will and the girls.