Brera Sterne

The mysterious pilot of the crimson VF27 variable fighter that Alto Saotome encounters in a Vajra carrier. He seems to know how to play the first part of Rankas song Aimo using his harmonica. After saving Ranka from a wild beast attack the injuries Brera sustained revealed that he is also a cyborg. He harbors a great deal of concern for Rankas wellbeing but he doesnt exactly know why. A picture discovered by Alto Saotome inside the SDF4 Global revealed that he had some kind of connection to Ranka before becoming a cyborg. Its also revealed that he is a Major in the Galaxy Fleet Antares Squadron. He is currently Rankas bodyguard and also likes to listen to Rankas song decribing the feeling he gets from her songs as being enveloped in a universe that accepts him instead of rejecting him. In episode 21 he is last seen assisting Ranka into delivering her stage 2 Vajra pet Aikun to the rest of its species. Some time later he and Ranka find the planet of origin of the Vajra.