Sora Tokino

ときのそら, Tokki~, 〇〇's Sora, Daisenpai, Sora-chan, Soda
Birthday:May 15
Debut date: September 7 2017 Height: 160 cm Fanbase name: Soratomo llustrator: ordan Generation: Solo 0th gen Tokino Sora is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. Profile hololive Youtube Twitter Bilibili Hows it going Soratomos It is Tokino Sora Debuting on September 7 2017 she is the first Virtual Idol of Hololive Production. She loves singing and horror games and her dream has been to hold a live concert at Yokohama Arena since the very beginning. She had her major debut at Victor Entertainment in March 2019. On her road to pro idol she played a role in the TV show Watanukisan Chi while also running a podcast known as SoraAoto She also takes an active role in other genres. On October 6 2019 she held her own live concert Dream