Lin Cheng Shin

A female imperial guard of the Kuhin family Lin is the newest bodyguard of Murasaki replacing her former guard Kiba due to female convenience. Armed with a pair of katana her fighting skills are formidable though not at the level of Yayoi Inuzuka. Although she disapproves of Shinkur nevertheless she accepts him as Murasaki039s companion and frowns heavily on all the attention Shinkur receives from other girls even if he is unaware of it. Lin takes Murasaki039s wishes literally including attempting to get Shinkur and Murasaki wedded to each other despite not having permission from either party or their families for that matter. Under Murasaki039s care Lin is slowly learning about normal life albeit with some difficulty. Lin is a completely different character in the anime TV series. She has no interest in the Kuhin family matters and only works for them because she desires strong opponents to defeat.