Mei Sakura

佐倉 愛衣
Mei Sakura Sakura Mei? is Takanes underclassmen whom she refers to as oneesama. She is deemed as a skilled Ministra Magi whose artifact is a broomstick. Mei is also a transfer student sent to study from a North American mage academy before the Mahora Festival Arc. She Takane and Gandolfini tried to arrest Chao before the festival but released her on Negis behalf. Mei seems to have an elemental magic affinity for fire and her pactio artifact is a broom that she uses for combat as well as for transportation. She and Takane entered the Mahora festival fighting tournament in order to discipline Negi but she was quickly blown right off the fighting stage by Kotar who then had to rescue her from drowning as Mei cant swim. When magic is made public the press constantly hounds her. She joins Takane in their mission to arrest Negis group but is defeated easily and also stripped bare. Nodoka used her Pactio artifact on Mei to find out where Negi has been held and Asuna comforts Mei by promising her that they will return the world back to normal. After returning to the third day of the festival Mei was shown along with Takane entering in the battle against Chaos robot army. Shes recently stepped up her training with encouragement from Kotar but the dogboy is too busy with his own training to personally help her out. Natsumi Murakami has displayed signs of jealousy when Kotaro was talking to Mei but its unknown how Kotaro and Mei feel toward each other yet.