He is one of the five elders. He is a very eccentric and flamboyant demon who nevertheless is not to be underestimated As shown in the last volume when he burns down a town after a family there quotwrongedquot Euritis. He is the Demon Lord of Dreams therefore he is able to throw Raenef Erutis and Chris into a dream world when he comes to the castle to buy Eclipses services from Raenef. During the ensuing battle with the trio he comes to be particularly attracted to Erutis who blanches at his declarations of love. He goes as far as to ask Raenef IV to protect her if any upheavals were to happen in the demon world and ceaselessly follows her around. He took care of Raenef IV and tutored him at one point when both were much younger and seems to be somewhat wary of the other Demon Lord. Source: Wikipedia