Rina Tennoji

天王寺璃奈, Rinako, りな子, Rina-rii, りなりー
Birthday:Nov 13
Blood Type:B
Height: 149cm Rina Tennoji is one of the ten idols in Nijigasaki Highs Idol Club. She is a first year and her image color is white. Rina is a shy girl who says she is incapable of showing emotion on her face. She hides her face with the Rinachan Board a piece of paper notepad or electronic display which she displays her emotions on. She is energetic confident and only able to perform when she has the Rinachan Board. Rina is very skilled with technology as she is regularly creating gadgets using drones to shoot music videos and makes an electronic headset version of her Rinachan Board for use during performances. Source: Love Live Wiki