Rev, Getaway
Allegiance: Cybertrons SubGroup: Godmasters Rev is the western name of the Nebulon. Getaway is the western name of the Transformer. The human Lightfoot is the 17 year old son of the head of British Motors a Canadianbased auto company. His father created a prototype car from metal he discovered in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. When Lightfoot became old enough to drive his father gifted him the car. Lightfoot started to get dreams of a robot. He contacted Godmaster Ginrai when he heard about his television appearance and the Autobots Cybertrons started to suspect his car was a Transector. He was given a set of Master Bracers by Ginrai and became a Godmaster when they were attacked by the Decepticon Destron Pretenders. He is able to control the flow of water. Source: Wikipedia Seibertron