A student at the Kamisaid Magic Academy. After becoming a teacher there, Hibiki is assigned as instructor for his class. Ahito has an intense hatred for magic, and relies upon technology, mostly guns, to fight. At first he has no trust for Hibiki and challenges her to a duel. During this duel, Hibiki (with Shirotsuki's help) casts a spell which forces Ahito to recall his most painful memory. After she sees his memories and is touched by them, Ahito accepts Hibiki and becomes a good friend to her. Ahito's eyes have a magical power to them. Whenever he gazes upon someone, that person's wounds are healed. This power comes in the cost of his life force, leading to severe injuries. To block this power, Ahito wears sunglasses almost constantly. He also has some skill in marksmanship. His parents perished during the great war, and before transferring to Kamisaid he lived with his grandmother. Ahito is considered a problem child in Kamisaid Magic Academy, due to him sleeping through classes and having a bad approach towards magic. He is playful, ignores the rules and has a knack for getting Hibiki and himself into trouble. He refers to Shiraasan as Shiko.