エル, El
Utaus second guardian character is the angellike El. Although El is pure hearted she can be very hyper and sometimes acts over the top or becomes really annoying declaring herself as the angel of love. She hates it when others especially the Guardians talk about love when shes not there. She also has a habit of singing. It is shown that El might have a crush on Rhythm when he hugged her. She left Utau because of the continuous teasing of Il and also Utau was ignoring her. Then she decided to stay with Amu. Ran was taking care of her when Amu is not home. El is shown to miss Utau soon though and she eventually returns to Utau after the X on Dia was lifted. Els name like Il is the last two letters of what she is like angEL. Utau becomes the angelic Seraphic Charm when she transforms with El. This represents her desire to touch peoples hearts by singing and her desire to sing. She first transforms into Seraphic Charm in Chapter 26 of the manga and Episode 43 of the anime. In this form she wears a pink tutu and has pink ribbons and white cloths attached around her arms and legs. She also wears ballet shoes angelwing shaped hair clips attached to her hair and a pair of angel wings. She has the appearance of a ballerina.