マァム, Maamu
Maam is the daughter of Leyla and Loca the priestess and warrior who helped Avan in the original fight against Hadlar. Maam trained under Avan and is proficient with healing spells Hoimi but never could successfully learn any offensive ones. After studying under Avan the latter gave her a magical gun that shoots magic spells which helped her compensate for her lack of expertise with any of the other schools of magic which Pop is an expert in. When the gun gets destroyed she decides to change to another class fighter and temporarily leaves the party to train under Brokeena known as the God of Martial Arts. Under Brokeena Maam learns one of her ultimate techniques: the refractor fist an attack that mimics excess use of Mahoimi which results in the degradation of the opponent039s body. Later on in the series Maam acquires a transforming armor weapon from Lon berk which allows her to increase the destructive power of her techniques.