Reiji Maruko

円子令司, Marco

Position: Quarterback/Safety Jersey Number: 4 40-Yard Dash: 5.2 seconds Bench Press: 60 kg Height: 177 cm (5' 9") Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs) Blood Type: AB Birthday: May 1 1st Year Student (Grade 10) Marco is the quarterback for the Dinosaurs. He prefers to be called Marco instead of Maruko, because Maruko is a female name (in Japan 'ko' is primarily a feminine name ending, not to mention the irony that their manager is a "Maruko"), and "Marco" sounds like a male Italian name. Originally, he was merely a nice guy who played football and had the love of eventual manager Maruko. However, after witnessing a Christmas Bowl where Kansai finalist Teikoku ran all over the competition, he became obsessed with strength being the only way to win and stop the strongest of teams. Using this motivation, he recruited players such as Gaou with his ultimate goal of getting through Kanto and having a force to stop Teikoku, but this obsession with strength made him on bitter terms with Maruko as a result. Marco said during an interview that he likes girls with love. According to Deimon's Musashi, Marco seems to be a little bit like a yakuza member. He has a habit of ending his sentence with "I'd say". He also dislikes if he has to face a strong opponent. (Source: Wikipedia)