Yuu Setoguchi

Birthday:Jul 11
Height: 178 cm 510 Yus a boy that gets along easily with boys and girls alike and is generally seen as a cool character. Hes not one to anger easily and keeps a cool head when hes around his more energetic friends. He doesnt wear his emotions on his sleeve but sometimes they slip out in muted ways. When it comes down to romance he does get naturally fixated on Natsuki and watches any potential suitors to her with suspicion. Though he takes his relationship with Natsuki for granted he is still possessive of her citing their history as childhood friends as the reason why. He still wants her to come to a decision on relationships without others influencing her. Because of his experiences with Hina Kotaro and Natsuki hes adopted a nurturing image that reportedly makes him look more mature. Source: Love Committee Wikia