天王ヒュウガ, Ten-Oh Hyouga, Ten-Oh Hyoga
TenOh Hyouga is the leader of the Hachibushu and the most devoted follower of Vishnu. Stalwart to a fault Hyouga idolized Vishnu and Indrah and for a time could think of nothing but blindly fighting to cure Vishnu from her petrification. At first Hyouga despised Shurato due to his laziness and sacrilege but came to regard him as a friend due to their similar ideals regarding camaraderie. Hyougas best friend is Ryouma the two having trained and fought together in the past to the point where they know each others strategies and techniques by heart. When Ryouma is manipulated into thinking Hyouga is evil the two do battle but due to their similar strengths and knowledge of the others abilities they fight into a standstill. This battle convinces Shurato to join Hyouga and help Vishnu if only to prevent best friends from having to fight each other ever again. Hyouga is also strongly hinted to have feelings for Renge but he never acts on them or informs her of his feelings. During the opening of the Heiseimon Gate he is pitted against Renge and after realizing they were not meant to be together he regrettably freezes her solid and kills her. A now resolute Hyuga vows to kill Indrah and fight for his love. His Shakti and armor are modeled after the tiger and his weapon is a form of nunchaku somewhat of a split between a surujin and a chain whip able to be used as either a throwing weapon or a rope. Many of his abilities revolve around ice and he is able of creating walls of ice and freezing opponents solid.