龍王リョウマ, Ryu-Oh Ryouma
RyuOh Ryouma is the strongest member of the Hachibushu a massive warrior and a devoted follower of Vishnu. Ryoumas devotion to Vishnu ultimately trumps his trust for Hyuga and thinking his best friend has somehow been corrupted Ryouma sets out to kill Hyuga and Shurato. Ryouma and Hyuga are best friends and the two exhibit similar personalities. Ryouma comes to appreciate Shuratos ideals as well and forms a loyal camaraderie with his fellow Hachibushu. Ryouma is set to fight Gai during the opening of the Heiseimon Gate and although the group is unsuccessful in releasing Gai from the grip of his dark masters this event fully convinces Ryouma of Shuratos will and fighting spirit and he resolves to aid him. His Shakti and armor are modeled after the dragon and his weapon is a trident. Due to his immense strength he is able of wielding his heavy weapon with great skill and agility.