Sakurako Kintoki

Sedusa can drastically alter her appearance by adding or removing makeup and is a master of disguise which Sedusa was known for in the original Powerpuff Girls alongside her seductive manner. She takes the form of many people in order to get into stores and steal from them including Bubbles and Buttercup. Sedusa is the alterego of the girls friend Sakurako. Sakurako works at a shop wellknown around the area for her desserts Momoko Miyako Kaoru Himeko and Miss Bellum often visit the shop because of this. When working at her shop she wanted to be sexy after seeing Miss Bellum. Sakurako has a crush on Souichirou a boy who comes to her shop often this was her primary reason for wanting to be sexy like Miss Bellum. In order to become Sedusa Sakurako must use lipstick. With a little makeup she can take on the appearance of anyone although anything like the scent of perfume wont be masked. She with her looks is also able to coax many nearby males into doing what she wants although it comes off more naturally than the original since the original Sedusa had to disguise herself. She is also able to perform the original Sedusas signature hair whip/tentacle attacks. She was defeated and later transformed back into Sakurako through the use of Professor Utoniums Chemical Z Particle Ray. Sakurako was able to win Souichirous heart at the end of episode 8 although the two are still shy to each other. Sakurako later appears in episode 25 receiving flowers from Souichirou and she also soothes Here a flower who fell victim to the black powder. Like Himeko/Princess Sakurako can still transform into Sedusa at any time as long as lipstick is applied on Sakurako. It was revealed in episode 28 that the lipstick doesnt even need to be applied directly to her lips she will still transform into Sedusa if its smeared on her face. Like Sakurako Sedusa loves Souichirou but Souichirou although generally nice to her does not love her the way he loves Sakurako. In episode 45 Souichirou finds out about Sakurako/Sedusa when Sakurako decides to visit him at the college he attends. Upon finding this out Souichirou confesses that he loves Sakurako but hates Sedusa. This confuses Sedusa to the point where she faints out of stress. After turning back to normal Sakurako has no memory of what happened as Sedusa. The viewer also is introduced to a new side of Sakurako her jealous side. She is represented by the colors red and purple while her Good Civilian side is represented by the same flower image as on her bandana. From Wikipedia