Hijiri Minase

Hijiri Minase first appears in the Devils Trill Arc as a young violin prodigy. After getting an operation to save his vision via a cornea transplant Hijiri becomes bound to a contract with a demon Satanogas. The former owner of the cornea made a deal with this demon so that his violin playing would be ungodly but it was at the expense of his daughters life. After the man dies his corneo which was containing the contract goes to Hijiri whom therefore continues the contract unknowingly. It is at this point Satanogas comes looking for Hijiri in order to kill him to complete the contract that was foiled. Hijiri was originally a failed version of Hisoka in the initial rough phases of the characters thus there almost identical appearance. Yoko Matsushita however liked the sketch of him and decided to write him into the story. Hijiri harvests a strong liking of Tsuzuki seeing him like an angel in how hard he works. This results in a little bit of jealousy on the part of Hisoka whom has alot more trouble expressing himself then confident Hijiri.