Hanabusa Seki

Birthday:Nov 22
Blood Type:O
Height: 163 cm Weight: 47 kg Shoe Size: 24 cm Likes: Reading trekking meals anything goes if it039s interesting Dislikes: People who use other people to shine Specialty: Cupandball games repairing things Job: Paleontologist Central Banten039s museum curator Thobari039s 40yearold livein lover who works as a paleontologist often away on workrelated business. She knows that Thobari is a ninja however she does not understand any of the details about the world of Nabari because he has not told her. She has saved Yoite039s life in the past and acts something of a surrogate mother to both Yoite and Miharu. She is one to take action and butt into other people039s affairs when they are too shy or afraid to make any headway on their own. She will randomly say whatever comes to her mind without any kind of prior explanation. She cooks well and handmade the muffler that Yoite wears almost constantly in the later episodes. Source: Wikipedia