ラナンキュラス, Lanancuras
The leader of the Cardliens who was imprisoned in the meteorite that fell to earth during the war an act done by the celestial gods. He infected Mashuranbo with his power allowing him to turn the tide of the wars against the humans in an effort to eradicate the human who was given the power that kept him sealed. In the second timeline he is on his way to breaking free. In the dubbed version he is called Lanancuras and used to be one of the Guardians specifically the one who oversaw the Milky Way. He turned envious of the power and prestige he saw lesser creatures obtain on their worlds and in an effort to get this himself he invaded the worlds he was meant to protect and he is the reason the DNA virus broke out on earth. He shares a physical connection to the galaxy causing disasters when he is hurt. His followers are called Kadrians and are creatures from the worlds he conquered. The Guardians sacrificed themselves to seal him in parts of the worlds he destroyed.