Luka Crosszeria

ルカ=クロスゼリア, Zess Brand, Bloody Cross
Height: 189 cm A young man known as Bloody Cross with silver eyes and black hair who has protected Yuki from the shadows since Yukis birth 15 years ago. Despite being a duras he is currently acting alongside the Gioh family. Though his true age is unknown in human terms he appears to be a university student. Normally reserved and expressionless Lukas facial expression softens around Yuki. It was during the Last Battle that Luka defected over to the humans. In the previous era he and female Yuki were lovers. Luka battles with a large black sword and can use powerful magic and even summon a powerful Salamander dragon. He was once the loyal dog for the demon king and used to drink his blood thats why he is stronger than any opasts and its possible that he is stronger than the demon king himself. But he left his position as the loyal dog for the demon king after meeting Yuki. It was during the previous battle that Luka met Yuki and they fell in love. The current Yuki doesnt remember being Lukas lover but every time he sees Luka his heart responds strongly. Luka refuses to tell Yuki about their past but stands by the current male Yuki and promises he will stay with Yuki as long as Yuki wants him to. The manga suggests a bit of a darker history. Luka tells Yuki he was considered a slave because he belonged to the sinner clan Crosszeria and that all the other duras were intent on punishing the whole family and all its descendants. The demon king owned Luka and as a symbol of this put his own blood into Lukas brand. The demon kings blood made the brand on Lukas arm glow red and it caused Luka a great deal of pain during the process. Years later Luka is still haunted by the memory and feels physically ill when recalling it. Because it was a blood seal if Luka should ever betray the demon king he would die. Luka explains to the current incarnation of Yuki that since he made a new contract with Yuki the previous contract with the demon king was voided allowing Luka to live. Luka hints that the prior contract with the demon king may not be completely voided however. His twin brother is Luze Crosszeria.