Gau Meguro

目黒 俄雨, Tenpa-kun
Birthday:Feb 28
Blood Type:A
Birthday: February 28 Height: 167 cm Weight: 53 kg Shoe Size: 25.5 cm Likes: Pacific saury honey traditional music cleaning and organizing Dislikes: Shiitake messy rooms Special Skills: Braille 3part abacus A 16yearold who was saved by Raikou 3 years ago and is thus extremely devoted to him. He assists Raikou with his responsibilities to the Kairoushuu usually compiling reports and researching their targets. He is easily riled up and Yukimi gives him the nickname quotTenpakunquot from the slang tenparu quotAbout to blow a fusequot. He believes that the cause of the Wakachi is just protecting the front world from the evils of Nabari. He is an idealist who believes that the Shinrabanshou can be used to save the world. Source: Wikipedia