Virzoeve Eclairover

フィロ / フィアズーフ・エクリロール, Viro

The mysterious young girl who followed Cou and the others from Milliard Trey. On the surface, she is a bright, cheerful girl who is very sociable. Undernearth, she is a lump of insecurities. In both the manga and anime, she appears to have a crush on Cou, but this is more exaggerated in the anime. In the manga, she instead develops a closer relationship with Rowen.

Her true identity is a spy from an organization that is after Ren. She is one of a series of warriors called "Viro", which have artificial gelades that allow them to fight without a pleasure. She has no true name, but is one of many "Viros". In the manga, she betrays the group, attempting to kill Rowen, before being killed herself, by a member of the organization.

(Source: Tokyopop translations, volume 7)