Shinya Yumiki

An ordinary boy who is weak in both academics and sports he has always been targeted by a gangs and bullies. He has no living kin which leads him to live a miserable life. One day he found a love letter in his shoelocker and he thought his life would totally change. After classes ended he went to the roof which was forbidden to any students and found Haruna . He was surprised that Haruna called him Shinyasama which was said in a very polite expression. She said that he is the one who is destined to be the Messiah of Celestia world and the only one who can read the book the Guide To Salvation . At first he told Haruna that he cannot read a single sheet of paper in the book and this truth surprised Haruna who thought that she has found her Messiah which then caused her to be depressed because of her failure in finding the Messiah. When Shinya took the book from the school bully and got the book back the book glowed and Shinya was able to read the Guide To Salvation. Shinya currently holds the power of the Lighting Lord Ishtele and perhaps the power of the Spear King because it was not fully explained if the three idiots gave the power to him or not. Source: Wikipedia