Iruma Suzuki

鈴木入間, Iruma-sama, Iruma-chi, Irumi, Irumean
Birthday:Oct 14
Species: Human Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Egyptian Blue Rank: Gimmel 3 Anime He 5 Manga Occupation: Student First Year Affiliation: Babylus Demon School Misfit Class Battlers: Magical Apparatus Battler Student Council Temporary Member Familiar: Callego Naberius A 14yearold boy whose parents sold him to a demon named Sullivan who subsequently transports him to the Demon World and adopts him as his grandson. He starts his new life by being enrolled into Babyls Demon School where he constantly has to hide the fact that he is a human in order to avoid being eaten. However after quickly making friends with fellow classmates Asmodeus and Clara he eventually grows accustomed to his new lifestyle through both his numerous adventures and encounters with other demons.