Shinyas one and only friend. Ryohei was Shinyas friend since they were young. Ryohei is the complete opposite of Shinya. He is popular with everybody and is good at athletic activities. In Lacrima Ryohei loved a girl in his class named Natsue but when the world government issued an order to kill anyone that was associated with the Messiah she was shot 3 times. Ryoheis father who is a doctor tried everything he could to save her but there was nothing else to do. Ryohei after he begins crying asks Shinya to bring Haruna to heal her but Shinya who knew that if Haruna uses her magic power one more time would die stops Ryohei from making the phone call. When Shinya stopped the phone call and Natsues vital sign goes straight Ryoheis Emperor power fully activated out of rage against Shinya. Ryohei had the Guide To Domination and had all the power of the Emperor but out of his friendship for Shinya he had no intention of fighting against him but after Shinya stopped him he completely changed. Currently he owns the White Sage the Black Sage the Frost Ogre the Fire Lord and the Wind Lord. He also is the new ruler of old Celestia after the murder of the Pope there. Source: Wikipedia