Ameri Azazel

アザゼル・アメリ, Amelie Azazel, Melie
Birthday:Mar 13
Species: Demon Height: 190 cm 63 Weight: 69 kg 152.1 lbs Hair Color: RedOrange Eye Color: RedOrange Rank: Vav 6 Anime Manga Inherited Magic: Romanticist Occupation: Student Second Year Affiliation: Babyls Demon School Battlers: Student Council President Debut Irumakun: Episode 1 Anime Chapter 9 Manga Debut Makai no Shuyaku: Chapter 1 Ameri is the president of Babyls Student Council. She is convinced humans exist despite them only being myth in the demon world and believes Iruma to be one. She is a Vau 6 Rank the highest among the students. Ameri hides the fact that she enjoys manga the forbidden books of the human world and has Iruma read them to her in secret.