Kalego Naberius

ナベリウス・カルエゴ, Callego, Eggie-sensei, Familiar-sensei
Birthday:Feb 14
Species: Demon Height: 182 cm 511 Weight: 65 kg 143.3 lbs Hair Color: Violet Eye Color: Black Rank: Chet 8 Anime Manga Occupation: Teacher Affiliation: Babyls Demon School Misfit Class Familiar: Cerberion Debut: Episode 1 Anime Chapter 2 Manga The homeroom teacher of the Misfit Class and one of the prestigious professors at Babyls Demon School. Derisive snappy and shorttempered he strongly dislikes demons who are boisterous brash and inconsiderate of others believing them to be troublemakers. As such he is generally pessimistic when dealing with his students. Due to how the familiar summoning spell works with humans Kalego unwillingly becomes Iruma Suzukihttps://anilist.co/character/135018s familiar for a year. When summoned Kalego appears as a fluffy white creature resembling a small owl complete with black batlike wings black horns and his distinctive front hair curl.