Judas Iscariot

For betraying Jesus Christ Judas Iscariot has been cursed to roam the Earth endlessly unable to touch another human ever again. To get his body back he must take the lives of 666 people. To carry out this task he uses a vessel. Whenever the vessel bleeds Judas comes out and uses his power of Death through the vessel in order to take a soul. His character is that of an arrogant perverted bully. He likes bullying his current vessel Eve and enjoys nothing more than reading a nudie mag with a glass of scotch on the side. Normal people cant see Judas only when they are already on the verge of death or have seen him appear from Eve can they see him float around Eve and interact with him. Being the one who betrayed Christ and bringing nothing but Death wherever he goes he is hated even by his fellow Apostles. But in the end this man with the Serpent Eyes turns out to be nothing more than a human whose emotions just got the better of him. Eventually he plays a vital role in the destiny of humankind but will he be able to find his own salvation?