Haruka Doumeki

Dmeki039s grandfather and the Shinto priest of the shrine where Dmeki now lives. He died sometime ago but he is always mentioned in Dmeki039s stories. The reason for his death hasn039t been mentioned yet. Haruka looks strikingly like Dmeki but he has a somewhat more cheerful and outgoing personality than his grandson. He seems to have taught Shizuka a lot of stories regarding folklore mythology and shrine practices. He has also an immense library that now Dmeki uses and keeps. As the priest of that shrine he had the power to exorcise spirits and see them as well an ability passed on to Dmeki although Dmeki could not see spirits. His style of exorcising spirits like Dmeki was shooting a bow and arrow made of chi. When Yko saw the wards Haruka had made for the library she indicated that they were of high quality attesting to his skill and knowledge of the occult. Volume 9 of the manga marks his first appearance: in a dream provided by the Yumenai039s balloons which were originally Haruka039s. He acts like a guide to Watanuki as Yko does asking him why he really likes Himawari and pointing out that since he met Himawari things have gone bad for him as well as asking why he found Shizuka Dmeki irritating. When Watanuki fell from the school window he entered a dreamlike state in his near death condition. It was Haruka who crossed into this dreamlike state and brought Watanuki back to consciousness. Watanuki continues to see Haruka in his dreams. In chapter 127 Haruka has been shown to have the power to not only enter Watanuki039s dreams but can also bring him quotacrossquot to another person039s dream. He acts as a guide to him as well in explaining things or warning him of danger like the time Kohane039s mother splashed Watanuki with hot water. His statement that this is because all dreams are quotconnectedquot and thus it is possible to travel between dreams is an idea that has been shown in other CLAMP works notably in X. Haruka039s ability to quotcrossquot dreams and perhaps using them to sense certain knowledge is one that is characteristic of the yumemi from X.