Momo Kashiwabara

Occupation: College student / Obgyn Momo Kashiwabara is a supporting character. She is a member of the Literature Club and a friend of Rui Tachibana She fits the Genki female archetype in the manga as she is constantly an energetic girl with a bubbly personality who is also incredibly eccentric and overly friendly to some people as shown when she gave Rui Tachibana a nickname and one of the dolls from her bag upon their first meeting. As noted by the girls in her class Momo is also very flirtatious towards boys flirtations that are rumored have evolved into sexual relations on more than one occasion. She also exhibits a childish side as shown by her nicknames like RuiRui and calling sex making lovelove. She has a massive crush on Natsuo Fujii which has often gone to obsessive extremes like clinging to his arm and feeding him boxed lunches she made without his knowledge. However beneath her flirtatious and bubbly nature lies deep vulnerability and a possible selfloathing. Her parents have a very bad relationship and they are almost always working which leaves Momo by herself for nearly whole days on end.