フィブリゾ, Hellmaster, Fibrizo, Phibrizzo
Phibrizzo is the most ancient of the mazoku next to Dark Lord Shabranigdo and the antagonist of the series.Like all mazoku he wishes for the world to return to the Sea of Chaos and will kill anyone who gets in his way regardless of thier alligence. The other mazoku lords despise himbut obey him out of fear.He is known by his title Hellmaster for his power over souls and can literally make anyone die whenever he wishes.As suchthe spells which draw power from him deal with the undead. In the past he devised the plan that led to the Water Dragon Gods death by creating the God Sealing Barrier and attacking while she was in a weakened statenow his plan is to make Lina use the Giga Slave spell she created as it has the ability to summon the Sea of Chaos into the world.