Elraine Figarette


Elraine is a 16 year old sister; a person who treats people infected with Troy. She is cheerful though her destiny is tough. She has been shown to be self-sacrificing, such as when she healed a Troy-infected sister at the risk of her own life. She is usually quite polite. Elraine joined the sisters when she was around 8 years old. The sisters found her as the only survivor of a Troy epidemic that wiped out her entire village. She has a very high immunity to the disease so she is a skilled healer. Elraine once said the sisters told her had she not become once of them, she would have lived a long and healthy life. She has healed more people than many of her companions and has the title "White Fairy" beacuse of this. This name, however, mortifies Elraine and sends Kiri into fits of laughter whenever he hears it. Her dream is a world without Troy and it doesn't seem impossible after she meets Kiri. Through Kiri, Ellie starts becoming more determined and optimistic.