Kiri Luchile

Kili Luchile is the storys primary male protagonist. He is a very artistic and upbeat young man with a variety of unique and remarkable skills. Of those abilities two are most pertinent to the tale. The first is his immunity to the Troy plague he is the first person in living memory unaffected in any way by Troy. Not only that he is also able to halt the disease by having an afflicted person touch him. This is likely due in part to his second ability: his selfnamed quotFlarequot. quotFlarequot to put it simply is power wrought in cooperation. By touching another individual Kiris physical abilities and processes as well as those he touches are increased in proportion to the number of people he grasps. I.e. Kiri and Elraine hold hands their individual strengths are doubled and so on and so forth. The ability is apparently unheard of in this world and constantly surprises everyone Kiri meets. In addition to his quotFlarequot abilities Kili is shown to be a very talented artist his bedroom filled with sculptures he creates. His skill is so high that he was able to carve a beautiful sculpture out of a block of wood in only moments. He is even able to use this talent in situations that people would normally not think to use it: he was once able to create a makeshift sword during a Gazelle attack by putting together his attackers throwing knives. Kiri has also been shown to be an excellent tailor mending a rip in Elrains clothes in a second even adding a patch to it. And this was done all with one hand. Kili is very kindhearted and willing to do anything for anyone. This is shown when he and Elrain are escaping he stops and argues with her because he wants to return to help the other Sisters. He eventually drags her back with him to help them. He is also able to cook since his mother doesnt and the task is left to him and his father. Source: wikipedia