Kaede Tanimoto

谷本 楓
Tanimoto Kaede was the younger sister of Tanimoto Natsu the exSix Fist of Ragnarok. Kaede and Natsu were orphans until they were adopted by a wealthy business man. Natsu worked hard to be the best heir his stepfather could be for his sister who was born with a deadly illness. When the stepfather finally took Kaede to one of his medical facilities he fell in love with the female doctor working there and married her. For a brief period the family of four were happy with even the stepfather sincerely smiling. However the peace was shortlived as the stepfather was found dead one morning though the police were unable to confirm the cause. The police immediately suspected the stepmother as the culprit and took her away leaving Natsu to run the company by himself. Sometime later Natsu discovered that the stepmother never really treated Kaedes sickness and that her condition had worsened. While on her death bed Kaedes final words were for her brother to never give in. Kaedes death and final words along with his stepmothers possible deception and his rescuing from Hondo by Ogata Isshinsai drastically altered and corrupted Natsus innocent personality. This along with his master Ma Sougetsus training made him into a cold hearted illtempered individual. Later when he meets Shirahama Honoka he finds many similarities between her and his sister and the two develop a very siblinglike relationship though Honokas clumsiness and childish nature frequently gets on his nerves. Kaedes last words also made him determined never to lose a single fight which acted as motivation for him during his second fight with Honokas brother Kenichi and later in his death match with Chou Enshin.