Lev Lainur

レフ・ライノ―ル, Professor Lev,Leff Lynor Flauros

Lev Lainur Flauros (レフ・ライノール・フラウロス, Refu Rainōru Furaurosu, Localised as Leff Lynor Flauros), also known as Professor Lev (レフ教授, Refu-kyōju), is the antagonist involved in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.

Lev was born from an old magus' family line that continues before the Christian era. When Solomon died, the King of Magic made a rule, the Grand Order and their primary directive passed down through a magus' family line. In reality, Goetia arranged the Demon God to be placed in the lines of mages 3000 years ago. The magi born from mankind will pass on their myriad beliefs and theories to their descendants, but those magi who separated from the "King of Magic" have survived through the ages for the sake of this point in time. Lev was born from that line and his genes were engraved with a curse which will allow possession by the Demon God Flauros, to persist and survive until the era they are responsible, Flauros was assigned to be the one responsible for the year 2016. Flauros would be awaken in 2015, as the final supervisor and to deal with humanity.