Ash Lynx

アッシュ・リンクス, Aslan Jade Callenreese
Birthday:Aug 12
Height: 180cm 511 Gender: Male Age: 17 Weight: 150.5lbs 135lbs manga Blood type: O Nationality: AmericanIrish Ash has the personality charisma and skill to gather large groups of individuals together under his influence. Not only is he excellent in combat and an incredible marksman but hes also highly intelligent with an IQ of 200. His intelligence lends itself well to solving the mystery of Banana Fish and he has also been stated to be quite wellread knowing his way around the newspapers daily columns and political novels unusual for someone who did not finish middle school. Along with his remarkable intelligence Ashs good looks and charisma allow him to sway the will of people to his benefit in dire situations and hes well aware of it. Despite the influence he holds over others however Ash is mistrustful and holds most people at armslength except for a few select friends in his inner circle the most notable being Eiji Okumura. He is not afraid of death not because of courage as he calls himself a coward but because of his disillusionment with his own life. Source: Banana Fish Wiki