Keiki Kiryuu

Birthday:Oct 11
Keiki is a kindhearted friendly and considerate guy. He cares for his close friends and family and is in turn cared for and liked just as much by them. His kindness is pointed out by Shouma as his good trait and as to why girls would have a reason to like or love him. Keiki also wants a girlfriend and is annoyed by the many couples he sees and is quite envious of them. He cares very much for his sister Mizuha and spoils her with affection to the point of being described as a siscon by Mao He also has a rare trait as a harem protagonist as he is not very dense. He has been able to figure out the feelings some girls hold for him in some respect but did not know their perverted sides. He also seems to have quite a bit of confidence/courage when interacting with the girls as shown when he confronts Sayuki about her secret which he thinks is her romantic feelings for him. He is quite assertive when it comes to finding out who is in love with him. He may not be dense but he has a hard time understanding the emotions of girls and doesnt seem to completely grasp the situation. He also believes that there should be love behind his acceptance of the girls true nature towards him.