Fuzzy Lumpkins

Floke Knoke
The second villain shown in the series. Made his debut in episode 6. After the explosion of the Chemical Z ray one of the black lights landed in the forest creating the monster Fuzzy Lumpkins. In this incarnation the PPG villain is more or less the same as the original Fuzzy Lumpkins. While his cabin and boomstick are missing he is still very destructive and rude although nice enough to at least move an old man out of the way and signing a girls autograph before going on his rampage. To Fuzzy whatever he touches is considered his property which he usually marks with his paw print. Those around him are considered to be trespassers. He is incredibly strong and can withstand most of the Powerpuff Girls Zs attacks until they became stronger and more experienced than him. His big weakness is that he has a crush on Miss Bellum. Fuzzy is also very talented when it comes to playing the banjo. It is never revealed what Fuzzy Lumpkins originally was before he was hit by the black light. Fuzzy ends all of his sentences with the phrase quotDe mon daquot. He is represented by a hand print the same one he uses to mark what he wants as his property. He is among the unique villains in that the ray created by Professor Utonium to revert black light affected persons to normal had no effect on him.