Sapphire is a wellgroomed cat who officially appeared in episode 6 alongside her master Himeko. She is Himekos favorite pet and was hit by the black light along with its master. Since then Sapphire is able to activate her masters transformation by screeching whenever Himeko accidentally harms Sapphires tail similar to Peachs activation of the girls transformation. When finally captured Sapphire was given special collars that changed the pitch of her voice in an attempt to neutralize her quottriggerquot effect on Himeko. However quotspeakingquot with those collars not only failed to halt Himekos transformation but Princesss hair and abilities changed depending on what collar Sapphire was wearing at the time. Apparently as vain as her master Sapphire will get angry and scratch those who touch her too much with Himeko being the only exception. She also shared a romantic night with Peach after he falls in love with her but she later admits she just did it to pass her boredom. She is represented by Green Gemstones.