Amoeba Boys

Silk Hat, Poncho and Lady, Amøbegjengen
The Amoeba Boys made their debut appearance in episode 7. Despite their name they are comprised of two males and one female. They were three ordinary amoebas before they were hit by one of the black lights. The Amoeba Boys wish to be real criminals but like their original counterparts they are unsuccessful with their size about the size of a persons foot being the primary reason for their constant failure as well as their own incompetence. They also have the ability to merge and grow into a giant yellow amoeba that despite its size is too weak to cause any real damage. The Amoeba Boys like Mojo have yet to have the reversion ray used on them and are unique in that they are the only villains to date who have never been captured by the girls. Silk Hat Shirukuhattoo Seiy: Minoruu Inabaa?: This amoeba boy is the leader of the group. He has green eyes and blue 039skin039. Like his name suggests he has a top hat and a pipe to go along. He is the equivalent of Bossman the leader of Amoeba boys in the original Powerpuff Girls. Poncho Poncho? Seiy: Naoki Tatsuta: In spite of his name he does not have a poncho. He does have a cowboy hat that is tied around his neck. Poncho has green skin and blue eyes. His blue eyes are often hidden by his hat. Poncho seems to be the tough guy of the group. The name and the hat are possible references to Clint Eastwood. Lady Redi? Seiy: Sakiko Uran: As her name suggests she is the only female in the group. She wears a feminine hat with a rose on the side. She has pink skin and yellow eyes. Lady is the only amoeba wearing lipstick. She appears to be the voice of reason in the group. She later leaves the group and joins Princess and Sedusa in episode 28. In this episode it is also revealed that Lady has the power to inflate herself for battle into an enlarged version of herself that039s slippery enough to fend off most attacks. However if she039s not careful in this form she039ll pop like a balloon and will have to reform herself. From Wikipedia