桔梗, Miko

A shrine maiden who loved InuYasha and was killed by Naraku (disguised as Inuyasha) who made the two fight fifty years prior (in InuYasha's time) to the story's start. She is brought back to life by the ogress Urasue. Although she looks alive, her body is still "dead," and she must ingest the souls of the dead to move.

Her body (an authentic one) is made of mud and leaves and hosts a portion of Kagome's soul. Still under the impression that Inuyasha had betrayed her, she tried to kill him and drag him to hell upon her reunion with him. However, after learning from her sister Kaede that Naraku was behind her death and that he had turned her and Inuyasha against each other, she decides to dedicate her time in the earthly realm to kill him. Though she acts cold towards Inuyasha and in numerous times implies that they were through, she still has feelings for him, and at the begining of the series displays jealousy towards her reincarnation, Kagome. Though, instead of acting on her feelings and jealousy, she distances herself from Inuyasha and his group and continues to pursue Naraku alone. And during her journey, she gradually casts away her bitterness and returns to her older compassionate self. She ends up saving Kohaku and Miroku's lives, and in the end dies peacefully in arms of InuYasha after being attacked by Naraku.