チミルフ, The Crasher, The Raging Wave
Thymilph the Crasher Chimirufu? is the first of the Spiral Kings Four Divine Generals introduced in the story representing the classical element of fire. He is Virals initial superior officer and the commander of the Human Eradication Army Eastern Branch which he monitors from the deck of the land battleship the DaiGunzan. He is good friends with Divine General Adiane though General Guame insinuates he had a closer relationship with her. He is a skilled tactician and proud warrior and was ultimately killed when Kamina and Simon destroyed his personal Gunmen the Byakou with the GurrenLagann. Thymilph appears as a stoud but large wellbuilt imposing armored warrior with gorilla features. He is impressively strong almost always seen as in the company of a large iron hammer he presumably uses in closequarter combat. A seasoned and confident war veteran Thymilph has a high respect for caution and shrewdness but like Viral possesses a warriors code of honor. Guame implies that Thymilph was idolized by many Beastmen throughout the Beastmen Empire. Thymilphs name is based on the DNA chemical thymine and the elemental Sylph. His Gunmen Byakou is based on the mythical White Tiger Byakko.