Michael Gracio

A companion of Ares and of Baroona he participated in the same Temple mercenary entrance exam as them. He distinguished himself there through the time he took to send his opponent to the ground: a second. Everyone understood that they had seen someone with great talent. He had a major role in the fight waged by the army of Chronos which led by the GeneralandlaterKing Icarus bought the services of the Temple mercenaries to the point that he become highly esteemed by his comradesinarms as well as by Icarus himself. The latter proposed for him to become one of his generals after an impressive fight against a terrible opponent Michael declined the offer. He always has a leaf in the mouth which is enough for him to be recognized and addressed by this characteristic. On the other hand it is rather funny to see it systematically having to be put back in his mouth because it was pulled out at some point in the fight. With the passing of chapters one notices that Michael hides something of his identity and his true intentions. Silent he only speaks up to say precise things which are often threatening. His personage is following the example of Sasuke in the anime Naruto completely ambiguous and difficult to get a handle on. He is cruel not leaving any survivor behind him. That contrasts with the behavior of Ares who seems to like Michael to the point of considering him a true friend. It is only at the end of the war against the Daraakians that one learns Michaels nature and his true designs.