He was involved with the Temple Mercenaries at the same time as Ares and participated in the same examination of entry. He passes the test in an original way since he dodged his opponents attacks until the time was up. Like Ares Baroona is quick to promote and seems not like the other mercenaries. He uses a unique weapon: two daggers linked by a ropelike cable that is resistant to steel It is revealed to us that Baroona was the champion of the gladiators in the country of Daraak of which he escaped to rejoin Stopwatches. He keeps track of his previous life through the affixed tattoo on the back of all the gladiators of Daraak. Baroona fights in the war against the Daraak Empire which is part of the Raddnik alliance on the side of the Chronosians as part of the Temple Mercenaries. Baroona is a calm kind and may be perceived as the personage plug in the middle of his two friends. Constant smoker he fights calmly and intelligently. He is the same age as Ares 18 years and has a strong resentment against the Daraak Empire who took away his freedom.