Master swordman of Chronos also known under the name of the swordman of the wind. This is the fighter more powerful of the history of the manhwa of Ryu Kum Chel. His nickname originates noise that produces his blade when she splits the air. After taking the armies of Stopwatches to the victory it withdrew himself and took encounter advantage with Ares for some to do his apprentice and break his solitude. Although cold and silent it not in remainder less very attached to his student and will do all to protect it when his life will be threatened. Some years after taking Ares as student it perdit progressively seen it until his blindness be total. This is at that very moment that appeared the red eyes swordsman hunter of heads of big swordsmen and collector of their weapons. Despite his infirmity Kiron defended itself with fervor and took even the over. His opponent wore stratagems out sly of which the presence of Ares to arrive to its ends while killing the master swordsman of Chronos. Today again the simple one does to mention the name of Kiron does to tremble.