Black Swan
Son of a deceased Darakian general. Noble by birth but became lowerclass. A powerful spear man he was recruited by the leader of the Black Knights because of his great fighting abilities. He was said to be the apprentice of the Redeyed Swordsman.Defeated by Ares during the war with Daraakians. He was spared when Ares found out that he too had a girlfriend waiting for him. However he was murdered by Michael right after Ares left. Same age that Ares Cygnus see itself to reserve a part of weaves it manhwa. One there learns how while being the son of a general deceased Daraakien it became poor and abandoned. This is in this context that it met his girlfriend that it dut to defend against an entire battalion of soldier. Expert in lance handling that it inherited of his mother its capacities interested the Order of the Black Knights that launched its ten better men the ten captains of the black knights to neutralize it after it had killed 200 soldiers. Between the options of life and death chosen Cygnus therefore to serve the Black Knights and some became the most ferocious warrior pushed by his hate towards the Chronosiens hate that its parents knew to develop at his place as early as his younger age. Cygnus is a very powerful enemy of which passed it raises questions as for his mental balance. Nevertheless it will become a personage attaching and noticeable for its qualities of fighter but equally of man. His destiny was going to cross the one of Ares and of Michael.