The title character of the manhwa Ares is the apprentice of Kiron the famous Master Swordsman of Chronos. His birth name is Sebastion but he suffered amnesia after jumping off of a cliff to escape the assassin Alamoot quotThe Quickquot. After the now retired and wandering Kiron saved him and took him as an apprentice Sebastion gave himself the name Ares the name of the Greek God of war. After 6 years of training Kirberos the RedEyed Swordsman tracked down Kiron and killed him to collect his sword. Ares lost his right eye to Kirberos during this fight and vowed vengeance. Ares is lighthearted and friendly in normal situations. He is goofy cracks jokes and behaves as if he is simpleminded. For example he joins Temple Mercenaries because they provide meals for their members. Although he is only 18 years old Ares is deadly in battle. As expected of Kiron039s apprentice few can stand against his fighting ability. He fights with a sword but he will eliminate weaker opponents with only kicks or elbow strikes. His swordplay and fighting style incorporate quick hard strikes and acrobatic maneuvers to both evade enemy attacks and enhance the momentum of his own. He makes good use of his environment launching off walls dropping chandeliers on enemies taking swords from fallen soldiers if his own breaks. Temple Mercenaries gave him BRank status after his first skirmish. He and his friends Mikael Baroona and Gohue belong to the Temple Mercenaries039 4th Regiment 2nd Squadron Troop 3. Source: Wikipedia