The Goddess Pandora

She was created to be the epitome of everything mortal men desire. She appears on Earth as a busty blond with a bubbly personality and the intellectual capacity of a typical household appliance. She exudes an aura of desirability so powerful that all men she encounters will eagerly do anything she wishes with Aoi and Maya being the only exception. Women are not affected by this power and in fact find her rather unpleasant. She also speaks in third person exclusively. As an adult Pandora can do almost anything with her divine power which makes her especially dangerous when combined with her poor impulse control. Her special ability the Goddess Wish channels her divine energy into a Wish that she usually doesnt specify in Volume 2 she changes a store owners entire shop into solid gold as a thank you for helping her. When Pandora uses a Wish she is reverted to a quotlolitaquot form where she looks and acts like a more wellbehaved ten year old girl. To change back Pandora always needs her slave Aoi around to kiss her and restore her powers.