a highschool graduate who despite his punklike appearance and manner of dress is welleducated. He finds the adult Pandoras behavior extremely annoying especially her habit of clinging to him constantly and her lack of any concepts of privacy personal space or feminine modesty. However he recognizes that the Goddess is completely dependent upon him. He actually finds Pandoras child form much more agreeable company since it brings out his brotherly protective instincts. He is on the run from his family which is not only wealthy and prestigious but bears an asyet unknown connection to the Gifts though he says he isnt related to them by blood. When he is transformed into a battle object by Pandora Aois soul takes the form of the object while his actual body is rendered inert. In this form Aoi also possesses an awareness that enables him to see the quotchainquot that signifies the presence of a Gift. However he cannot move on his own Pandora must wield his form in order to sever the quotchainquot. While he often gives in to Pandoras nutty ideas its clear hes actually very fond of her although he cannot stand being called a manservant. He also does not seem overly fond of Matsun.